FENCING services

otorohanga, whakatane & gisborne

Bulldoze Fence-Lines

We bulldoze to clear old fences and natural obstacles, and/or create tracks for new fences.  Our focus is on planning the best route to minimise foots and angles, and optimise material savings to provide a better, stronger fence.

Lay Fence-Materials

We lay fencing materials on the fence line for you.  Our men are skilled and quick at getting this job done right.  Correct material selection and placement creates the opportunity to streamline the build process and ensure a quality fence.

We can estimate material quantities and arrange the supply as well.

Build New Fences

We deploy trained men, modern machines, and efficient systems to deliver a fence built to last.  Our crew(s) are farm wise and able to work without supervision and disruption to your day-to-day farming operation.

Retiring land for manuka honey production.

Repair & Maintain Fences

We repair existing fences, a cost-effective means of stock proofing paddocks that may otherwise be less productive.  A full maintenance programme can extend the life of your fences to reduce potential stock loses and maintain production over time.

Other structures

We also build stock yards, deer fences, orchard shelters, post and rail fences and retaining walls.

Covered horse yard under construction.