FENCING services


Our process:

Wairata (Wai) will discuss your requirements and budget as well as the style of fence you want to build before developing a design to meet your specifications.

Once you are happy with the design, we will supply the materials, ensuring only high-quality materials are used. Our skilled and experienced team will then build your fence.

Fencing options:

  • Wire & batten
  • Post & Rail
  • Electric
  • Deer
  • Retaining Walls

Land Preparation

We clear old fences and natural obstacles and/or bulldoze the line to take the new fence.  Our focus is on planning the best routine to minimise foots and angles, and optimise material savings to provide a better, stronger fence.

Land Management

We pride ourselves on having a minimal environmental impact, especially with our experience in farm and forestry fencing, and land management.  Our focus is on a single pass construction process to minimise stock stress, pasture damage, soil compaction, fuel consumption, and lost production.

We can help you make a positive environmental impact on your land through smart fencing.

All personnel are committed to the company Health & Safety Programme.